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Summer 2019: Program 2 - Day 1

Hello everyone!

We are so excited to announce that Program 2 successfully kicked off today! The students are all settled in and are getting to know the people in their corridor, in their college and around them. In the morning, they had their first lessons, where they met their expert teachers and more of their peers. We are happy to see them being invested in what they are passionate about. Then, and after a well deserved lunch break, the famous Reach Instravaganza began! Students walked all around Cambridge in a massive scavenger hunt, solving clues and seeing new places. Then, they snapped pictures of the various famous Cambridge sites and posted the with the hashtag #ReachCambridge2019. The winners will be announced in the days to come… Meanwhile, students who signed up for the Music Composition and Data Analysis taster sessions were in full swing. In the evening, after some dinner in the beautiful college dining halls, the students headed for an evening talk on global warming, where University of Cambridge PhD student Neeraja explained many aspects of Fluid Dynamics and how the behaviour of fluids affects the environment and global warming. The students came up with amazing questions and great discussions were created.
Finally, and to finish off the day, the students took part in some Ice Breaker games, where they got to meet other students and engage in fun activities lead by the amazing staff members. We can already feel the fantastic positive energy that the students bring with them and we cannot wait to see what Program 2 will bring! Written by Al