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Summer 2019: Program 1 - Day 10

We’re halfway through Week 2 of Program 1 and from a supervisor’s perspective, things have been going really well so far. It’s clear that the students have made lots of great relationships within their classes and through the various evening activities that have been running. Today we had a karaoke night which turned into a dance rehearsal/samba session! It was another great chance for the students to relax after a long day and make more memories in these last days of Program 1. Apart from the karaoke tonight, we had the nightly casino royale i.e. card games and poker.

Intrepid students on the River Cam!

Earlier in the day the students had an opportunity to go punting. Punting is quite simply the most Cambridge activity ever, so it was fitting to finally let the students have the full Cambridge experience, after spending the previous week and a half living in the different colleges and walking through town during free time and on their way to their lessons. Hearing the students’ opinions on punting was interesting… Most of them didn’t get far on the boats, after spending most of the hour trying to figure out how to stay moving in one direction, as well as not hitting the other students and tourists on the River Cam! However, a lot of them did say that they would do it again, but maybe with a professional punter so that they could enjoy it from a more leisurely perspective!
As Program 1 draws to a close, I think the most noticeable thing that has changed is the students’ interactions with one another. They are so much more comfortable, not only with one another but with the supervisors, having grown in confidence and independence. From my point of view, it’s a really rewarding experience to be able to see the students come out of their shells and for their personalities to shine through. The most important thing is that the students have had an opportunity to meet new people, explore their interests and experience Cambridge in an intimate academic way. As a supervisor, I’ve had a great time getting to know the students a little bit more and seeing them enjoy their final days together. I hope the friendships continue long after the program has ended! Written by Mary-Hannah