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Apply by 16th Oct and Save £450
Apply by 16th Oct and Save £450

Summer 2019: Program 1 – Day 9

Today was yet another incredibly exciting and busy day for the students here at Reach Cambridge.

After a fun-filled day yesterday – highlights included a thought-provoking talk about masculinity in the 21st century and a spooky ghost tour through the colleges of Cambridge – students were treated to a range of sporting and educational activities.
After classes and lunch, many of the students participated in an intense and fast-paced game of Capture the Flag, which Team Fire narrowly won, largely thanks to the strategising of Quentin Dervin, a student from the Nappa Valley in California. It was an excellent chance for supervisors and students to bond and have a laugh in the sunshine – while of course competing (all in good fun) for the prizes of honour, pride and, of course, bragging rights. Following dinner there were numerous exciting activities: students first took part in our annual World Fair where people from around the world organised and gave presentations about their respective countries, their traditions and culture. Reach Cambridge then celebrated students’ birthdays, notably Mehmet who turned sixteen years old. Happy Birthday to you all! Two Cambridge University students, Drew and Lauren, then gave an engaging and informative workshop about interview preparation and behaviour –helping Reach students with their confidence and technique by examining the do’s and don’t-s of interview etiquette. A smaller group of Reach Students then relaxed later in the evening with a few games of Nintendo Switch in Trinity Hall’s Music Room. A few games of Mario Kart helped the students to wind down after an incredibly exciting and active day, and many turned in early to get some much-needed rest in preparation for a busy day tomorrow – involving, amongst other things, a punting tour on the beautiful River Cam. Written by Ben