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Apply by 26th Feb and Save £100
Apply by 26th Feb and Save £100

Summer 2019: Program 1 - Day 5

Things are heating up with the Ice v Fire competition!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream in rehearsal by the English Literature class

Classes were wrapped up for the week with some fun Friday activities: a speech-writing competition in the ESL class on the theme of dreams; the Engineering class making wind-powered Lego cars; the Computer Science students were programming robots to draw shapes; and the Medics had an outdoor quiz, with the loser getting pied! It’s been great to see everyone engaging with their classes – we’ve heard all about the interesting things going on from our students. We had some exciting Taster classes in the afternoon, including Coding and Music Composition, with other students participating in sports activities. A lot of students enjoyed playing frisbee in the sun. For those wanting a more relaxed afternoon, we also had students painting T-shirts and decorating their lanyards, making them into ‘Glamyards’! It might’ve gotten a bit messy, but it was worth it for the end result! It was also the Cambridge University Open Day today so all the colleges were putting on their best show, and the city was bustling. There was no lecture this evening (much to the students’ disappointment). Instead, it was time for pizza parties! Colleges were paired up to eat takeaway pizza and enjoy the evening heat in Christ’s Pieces and Downing College. We also had football and frisbee going on – the students were definitely making the most of having green spaces to play on. This was followed up with the ironically-named Fire vs. Ice team ‘Squad Warz’, where we had a quiz which included ‘Guess the Supervisor’ baby photos! This was won by Alicia’s team, giving the Fire Squad the chance to boost their points. The students then had another evening exploring the city of Cambridge. Hopefully tomorrow brings more glorious weather… We have trips to the Globe Theatre, Tate Modern and Covent Garden planned, so stay tuned for further updates! Written by Jess