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Spring 2019: Day 4

The first excursion of the Spring program took place today and the students had the delight of going into London and seeing some of the best sights.  We started off with a wonderful coach ride to Trafalgar Square where our wonderful guide John introduced us to the various historical figures in the form of statues that cover the edges of the square.  It was clear blue skies and the bright sunshine that accompanies us down the Mall, and past Horse Guards parade, as we caught the changing of the guard. The students had many questions about the military traditions of the UK, and how the they have been maintained for so long. The students had enter the political heart of the UK, passing 10 Downing Street, and taking their time to absorb the rich history of Parliament Square. Although Big Ben  was hidden behind plenty of scaffolding, the Houses of Parliament looked as majestic as ever.     After stopping for a quick lunch in St James’ Park, they finally had the chance to see the Queen’s residence Buckingham Palace. The splendour the building under the clear blue sky was a sight to behold, and the students made sure to take plenty of photos. There is so much to see within a very short walking distance in London, and the Spring students made sure not to miss out. It was then a quick stroll down to Banqueting House, where the students were able to take in the fantastic art of one of the surviving parts of a royal residence. The opportunity to dress up and hold real relics was a highlight, but it was not long before we were back on our way and in the National Gallery, taking in some of Europe’s most famous artistic contributions, such as the work of Van Gough. When we returned to Cambridge in the evening. It was to enjoy a pizza party and some time playing Nintendo switch. Many went to bed early in order to prepare themselves for the final day of week 1 subject classes. The Computer Science students will be on a trip tomorrow and there is plenty of fun in store for all the other student as well.