QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW

FAQ: Refer a Friend Special Promotion (18th - 31st March)

From Monday 18th – Sunday 31st March 2019, Reach Cambridge is TRIPLING the Refer a Friend discount!

The usual ‘Refer a Friend’ discount of £100 applies year-round and allows two applicants to each save £100 when they quote this discount. BUT over the next two weeks, both applicants will save £300 when they apply and give their friend’s application number as the promotional code.  Sounds complicated but we promise you it’s not!

Friendships are strengthened at Reach!

How do I Refer a Friend? The process is simple: Choose your program, complete an application form and then visit your online account page to find your unique ‘personal referral code’. In order to receive our £300 Refer a Friend discount, we must receive a completed application (including deposit payment) with your Personal Referral Code entered on the ‘Promotion Code’ box of your friend’s online application.  What if I’m the one being referred? In order to receive your £300 discount, you MUST enter your friend’s Personal Referral Code in the ‘Promotion Code’ box when you make your application. Once you have completed a full application and paid your deposit, your discount will be applied (and you can then start referring other friends to earn more discounts). Can I refer multiple friends? You sure can!  There is no limit to how many Refer A Friend discounts you can earn. HOWEVER, you and your friends must all pay your deposits by 31st March to secure this special discount. 

Best Summer Ever!

I already applied and paid, and now want to Refer a Friend during this time frame. Do I get £300 off my paid sum? We will not accept a Promotion Code after a deposit has already been  (so make sure you are referring new friends to the program, if they haven’t yet started their application, make sure that they enter the right code in the ‘Promotion Code’ box of the application form when applying). If you have already paid your balance, or if you earn more than the cost of your balance, you will be reimbursed the difference.  I know someone attending Reach but didn’t put their personal referral code in my application. We will not award Refer a Friend discounts after an application has already been made and deposit has been paid without a Personal Referral Code (so make sure your friends enter the right code when they apply).  My friend applied but didn’t pay before the discount deadline. Does the tripled promotional discount still apply? Deposits paid before 23.59 GMT on the advertised “final day” of the promotion will qualify for this enhanced discount. So if you are planning to refer a friend, make sure they pay their deposit before 23.59pm on Sunday 31st March to secure the full £300 discount! If you or your friend have already completed an application but would like to add a friend’s referral code and both secure your discount before 31st March please email us with at info@reachcambridge.com. These discounts are only valid with a completed application and paid deposit. Please note all discount deadlines are final.

Full T&Cs here.