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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Trinity Hall

Trinity Hall is one of the prettiest colleges in Cambridge and a select number of us at Reach Cambridge are lucky enough to stay there during the summer course. Founded in 1350, it is the fifth oldest surviving Cambridge college and existed nearly two centuries before its neighbour, Trinity College (with which it must not be confused!)

Apart from the beautiful gardens around the college (which are maintained by an army of gardeners!) the college backs on to the River Cam, from which the recently constructed Jerwood Library can be seen.

One of the college’s other hidden gems is its chapel, which is the smallest (and some would say most beautiful) in Cambridge.

As well as staying in student rooms throughout the centuries-old buildings and up winding stone staircases, we also have the chance to breakfast and to dine every evening in the college’s grand dining hall, where the college hosts formal dinners throughout the year.

Trinity Hall is a small and welcoming college, and we’re very lucky to have the chance to enjoy the authentic Cambridge experience during our three weeks here with Reach.