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Apply by 16th Oct and Save £450
Apply by 16th Oct and Save £450


On the way to Brighton, the weather looked very gloomy, but all was well when we arrived because the sun was out and the seaside looked glorious! The students had a few hours of free time to explore the attractions on the pier, visit The Lanes and look around the arts and crafts shops scattered along the promenade. All the students seemed to be busy having fun and it was great to see how many of them were enjoying each others company. In the afternoon we met for a tour around one of Brighton’s most famous attractions, the Royal Pavilion. The architecture of this building was incredible, as it looked like a Moroccan or Indian Palace from the outside. Inside the decoration was very extravagant and all the students looked amazed at the interior design. The audio guides that each student was given was very detailed and explained a lot about what each room was for, and explained why specific furnishings had been chosen. The Pavilion was built for the Prince Regent, later King George IV, in stages between 1787 and 1823 and later hosted Queen Victoria and her family when they were on holiday.
On return from the seaside, many students spent the evening learning a Bollywood dance routine taught by one of own very talented supervisors, or enjoying card games, table football and pool in Downing College. Others had a relaxing evening with their friends, having some refreshments at Downing before turning in after another eventful day.