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Community Outreach 2012 – Introducing the Sabre Trust

By 09/07/2012 November 28th, 2019 Community Outreach, Fun

Community Outreach 2012 - Introducing the Sabre Trust

Wow! This week has flown by with some amazing activities such as a visit to Anglesey Abbey, drama workshops and lots of sport as well as excursions to London and Brighton – look out for more info and some fun photos to come right here on the blog! The students have also had a chance to hear a little about the charity that Reach Cambridge has been working with for the last few years. The Sabre Trust is small charity working on a big issue: Education. They work solely in Ghana, at all levels of the education spectrum. Their aim is to provide an integrated solution that supports government initiatives to enhance the school education system (4-16 year olds) in rural areas. Their solution revolves around three key activities: building schools, training teachers and creating learning resources. Some of the students will be working closely with this charity as part of the Community Outreach program. We will also be hosting other events over the next few weeks where everyone will have the chance to get involved in learning more about what Sabre do, as well as having the chance to help raise money for this great cause. If you would like to know more about Sabre, you can download this Sabre Trust Letter. You are also welcome to visit their website –