Summer 2022 - apply by 30th November and save £350
Summer 2022 - apply by 30th November and save £350
Summer 2022
Apply by 30th November and save £350

Summer School Disco

While I was a student at Cambridge University, I often wondered what happened to the city when the students left over the summer. So many of the buildings in the centre of town are owned by colleges, with students living in every nook and cranny – I imagined that when they left over the vacation, Cambridge would be a ghost town. How wrong I was. Almost the moment the Cambridge students leave, the many Summer Schools move in, and Cambridge becomes a brilliant hub of people from all around the world. A wonderful opportunity for all these people to meet is the Summer School Disco, one of my favourite events of the Reach course. Held at a club where Cambridge students actually go (to make the Cambridge experience even more authentic!), the DJ plays music from a huge variety of countries, and soon everyone is busting their best moves. This year I was treated to a supervisor/ student dance-off, where the supervisors were thoroughly beaten by some amazing student break-dancing!
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