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Program 1: Summer 2018 - Day 18

Today was yet another busy day for the students here at Reach Cambridge! Excitement abounded in the classrooms this morning, with the Law class taking another day trip to the courts in London, where they had the privilege of witnessing another real-life case. The English Literature class also took a trip to Kettle’s Yard, one of Cambridge’s own attractions, which they very much enjoyed. The economics classes got the opportunity to visit an escape room!

Final Corridor Dinner

As it was the penultimate afternoon here, many of the students took the opportunity to relax and enjoy spending some time with their new friends. However, others took the opportunity to partake in a very tiring game of capture the flag. Later on, all of the students enjoyed their final corridor dinner with their corridor supervisor, and the other students who have been their neighbours for the past three weeks. For some this meant a takeaway  of the infamous Nanna Mexico burrito, whilst others enjoyed the delights of  the local Cambridge delicacy Bread and Meat. It was a great chance to bond with the people who have shared this experience with them and the supervisors snapped a few photos at the end so that they would all have something to remember it by.

Final Corridor Dinner

After dinner there were a number of fun activities on offer, including Zumba and Mario cart! Some students also went to an arts and crafts session to prepare some decorations for the highly anticipated departure party, which will be occurring tomorrow evening. Fun was had by everyone, whatever they did with their time, but a good night’s sleep is in order for all ahead of their eventful last day tomorrow!