QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW
QUICK! Final places remaining for summer 2024! APPLY NOW

Program 1: Summer 2018 - Day 14

Another day, another excursion for the students of Reach Cambridge! We thought we’d add some variety to proceedings today, and we did not go to London. Instead we gave the students an experience quite unlike any other, and we headed to the Great British Seaside. The typical understanding of a trip to the seaside involves an umbrella and rain.. Luckily that was not the case today! In fact when we reminded the students about the blog,  he said, and I quote, “Tell them about how warm it was, but there was a nice sea breeze that was refreshing and not too fishy.” So we like to think that the small town of Cromer didn’t disappoint.

Cromer Town

 The students were given the opportunity to walk along the beach and lie on the sand. Though they didn’t go swimming in the sea, because if there is one thing the English sea is known for being, it is cold. There were also lots of chances to try that famous British delicacy of Fish and Chips (which is at its best when enjoyed with a fresh sea breeze) or a cone of ice cream, complete with a chocolate flake. If food wasn’t on their agenda, they could also go into the arcades or walk along the seafront and the twisting streets with its multicoloured buildings.

As lovely as Cromer is, however, there was a very pressing reason for the students to get back to Cambridge; the World Cup Final. We gathered together in the Trinity Hall Lecture Theatre to stream the game, where we watched captivated as France stormed to victory. There was no love lost between our French and Croatian students as the international Reach Community banded together to celebrate the success of team France and to commiserate our Croatian students.

However, our Sunday fun-day did not end there. A group of supervisors walked all of the students to the Cambridge Leisure Park where they were spoiled for choice with a selection of high end restaurants to eat at. Once they’d finally made their choice and consumed their dinner, everyone headed to Ten Pin Bowling for a spirited game. The supervisors were bowled away by some of our student’s skills, but much more by their complete lack of ability. The highest score any supervisor achieved was around fifty, but at least we didn’t have the bumpers up, so we know we didn’t cheat. Everyone seemed to love the game, and were chattering away excitedly about it on the walk home.

After this it was time for bed, and the end of another weekend of excursions. Everyone is of course tired, but at least they get a lie in tomorrow morning! This ought to get them ready for what, amazingly, is the final action-packed week of Reach!