Apply by Monday 11th December and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Spring 2018: Day 10

English Breakfast

English Breakfast

Despite the rain lashing down first thing in the morning, Thursday began with a traditional English breakfast at a local restaurant for all of our students. This gave those who had not been here for week 1 the chance to sample a full breakfast, with Kate on hand to provide a series of fun facts on the history of the meal. Following this, we headed back to Reach Hall for the penultimate set of subject classes. While the Life Sciences and Medicine class got stuck into the finer details of Pharmacology and Neurology, Computer Science practised some Geometric Algebra, but all students enjoyed being able to learn in such small groups. Having taken some time in the middle of the day to explore the beautiful town centre of Cambridge and grab some lunch, we then arrived back to Reach Hall for the students to have a session on ‘community outreach’, focusing on the amazing work of one of our partner charities, the Sabre trust, who work in collaboration with the Ghanaian government to transform the education system in Ghana, starting with children in kindergarten. They emphasise learning by play and building schools with the support of local communities. Our students were tasked with putting into action the film-making skills they gained in the previous evening’s session with Ros, our marketing expert, to create campaigns for Sabre’s future fundraising. They created short films, highlighting the inspirational work of Sabre, and the results were truly inspiring. Whilst the community outreach session was ongoing, almost all our students opted to undertake a ‘Mock Interview’ for a subject of their choice that they are hoping to apply for at university. These were conducted by Cambridge university graduates, Researchers and PhD holders.
Our new Reach Ambassadors

Ambassadors’ unite!

We want all our students to grow personally and academically over the course of the programme, and these mock interviews give them a chance to express their academic passions in a way that will help them when they decide to apply for university.  After sampling a beautiful dinner from a local Indian restaurant, the students all signed up to be ambassadors. After an obligatory group photo with our fantastic teddies the students chose between a relaxed movie night, or getting a headstart on packing ahead of the departure day on Sunday. Tomorrow promises to be an exciting but busy day, as we head to two of the biggest museums in London, so we will definitely be getting an early night tonight!

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