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Summer 2023 - Apply Now - Places Limited
Summer 2023
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Happy Valentine's Day!

LOVE n. 1. warm affection 2. benevolence 3. charity 4. sweetheart 5. Tennis etc, score of nothing 6. admire passionately 7. idolize 8. delight in – So what is this ‘L’ word all about? Thank you for all your responses on our Reach Cambridge facebook page (not friends with Reach Cambridge? So not cool, might wanna remedy that…) Here are our favourites below: LOVE is… …able to conquer oceans and borders to reach all corners of the globe after one amazing summer!! Kaitlynne Lowe, July 2010 …in the air? Koen Borren, Reach August 2010 …being with the person who knows you better than you know yourself. Mike Bronstein, Reach Student …a bitter sweet addiction. Vrinda Bahl, Reach August 2010 …truth. Vedica Podar, Reach August 2009 …tragic-comedy. Dan Strange, Supervisor, Reach 2009 & 2010 …fizziness. Unknown, Feb 2011 …a chemical reaction in the brain? Jon McIntosh, Founder of Reach Cambridge the Reach Cambridge staff!

Valentine’s Day is… …a reminder of how rarely we get slushy the rest of the year. Dan Strange, Supervisor, Reach 2009 & 2010 …a great way to let the person love know that you care, often when we are close to someone we forget to say how much we care. Marie Purdy, Head of Admissions, Reach Cambridge …the remembrance of a martyr who was clubbed, beaten, stoned and beheaded…which seems appropriate. Romeo, Verona, Modern Day …an excuse for Hallmark to sell more cards & restaurants to make more money. Unknown, 2011 …not as much fun as Christmas. Santa, North Pole, 2011 Happy Valentine’s Day! From all of us at Reach Cambridge