Application Deadline 30th April - Apply Now
Application Deadline 30th April - Apply Now
Application Deadline 30th April - Apply Now

Why you should COMBINE programs, according to Reach students

After every program, students always tell us that they wish they could have stayed in Cambridge longer. 

 “If I could stay forever, I would”- Stella, Student 2017  “2 weeks went by so fast that I don’t want to go home” – Sherine, Student 2016  “I wish the program could have been longer! – Claudia, Student 2015   In response to these requests, we now offer the opportunity to combine programs.

Wonderful friendships are made at Reach; as Anas (C) can testify

Students can choose to join us for either multiple Summer Programs, or both Spring and Summer programs, to extend their Reach experience and either deepen their knowledge of one subject, or study different subjects. This latter option may particularly suit well-rounded students who are struggling to choose a specialism from two different but equally beloved subjects. Reach offers the perfect chance to study different fields at university-level, giving students a reliable taste of what university study in each subject would be like.

Anas performing a DNA experiment in Biotechnology class

As you may have already noticed, here at Reach, we’re big on letting our students’ testimonials speak for themselves. As such, it is fitting that we call upon a student who combined two programs last Summer. Anas combined Program 2 and 3 and studied Medicine & Life Sciences and Biotechnology. Here, he describes his “life-changing” time with Reach: 

New friends

  Before Reach, all I knew about Cambridge is that it’s a small city where you can get a good education, but after I stayed there for 4 weeks I became addicted to that beautiful place with its authentic buildings and colleges. The best part of that city was Reach.    Reach really taught me a lot of things and made me grow as a person. One of my favourite things was meeting people from around the world – the diversity is insane, in a very beautiful way. Not to forget the high quality education I got, which was great not only in one program but two.   I really enjoyed every day I spent there. 30 days which I’ll never forget. All I have to say is thank you very much.
    Any student combining programs is granted a £500 Program Combination Bonus saving on the total price of both programs, in addition to any other discounts running at that time. Check out our programs here and join us for a bit longer in 2018!  

Combination Student Anas in front of Downing College chapel

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