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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
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Past Student Adrienne talks about her Reach Cambridge experience

It’s always lovely to hear from our past students about their experience at Reach. Adrienne attended one of our Summer 2017 programs. Here’s what she had to say about the experience.


The summer before entering my last year of high school in Canada, I wanted to do something worthwhile. I decided to enrol in the Reach Cambridge Life Sciences & Medicine program to give myself an idea of what I’d like to study at university. As a British native, coming to Cambridge was still amazing. Of course, I remember hearing about how only people who “exhibit excellence” get to study at Cambridge for uni – it was mindblowing to actually be staying in one of the colleges. 

Stunning riverside scenery

The scenery was just one aspect that blew me away. It was really the people that made my experience at Reach. I got to meet and make friends with people from over 60 different countries! It was so awesome to share and learn about our cultural differences. Also, our supervisors were so cool (special thanks to Fergus, Amy, Tim, Zach, Luke, and Holly).

Tickets for Twelfth Night at the Globe!

To top it off, the excursions were a blast! The Globe and Brighton Pier were my favourites.


Love from The 6 (meaning Toronto),