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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Program 3: Scholar 2017 - Day 1

Today marked the first official day at the Reach Cambridge Scholar Program and we’re all very excited! The day began with a lovely breakfast in both Downing and Trinity Hall and from there the students made their way to their classes. Great friendships were already being made as the students chatted on their walk to lessons and got to know each other’s names, cultures and interests. Our wonderful teachers made their introductions to the students and started off their courses. The students are studying a range of subjects from Biotechnology to Literature and Law. There were many interesting lectures taking place today, including DNA swabs galore in Biotechnology! The students had a chance to see an overview of their upcoming lessons and get to know their classmates. Between 12 and 2pm, the students had a chance to explore the lovely streets of Cambridge at their leisure and find some lunch before returning to their afternoon classes. After dinner and a little bit of free-time, we all gathered as a group for a fascinating lecture on the Sabre Trust. Sabre is the wonderful charity that Reach works with to improve the education available to poor and marginalised children in rural Ghana (for more on how Reach supports the charity, read this blog).

Trashion show!

Immediately after the lecture we began the exciting evening activity- ‘Squad Wars’. We assembled into different teams led by supervisors and began a series of challenges, tasks and questions to compete for winning place. Amongst the challenges were ‘Vegetable Fishing’, ‘Bridge the Gap’ and ‘Trashion Show’. There are some hilarious photos of these events, some of which were visible on the Reach Cambridge Instagram Story (for 24 hours only!). There was some great dexterity in hooking an assortment of vegetables and there was also some wonderful creativity in the improvised trash-fashion in which the teams crafted some very unique outfits from newspapers and bin-bags! We all enjoyed getting competitive with each other and having some lively fun. After the games ended, we revealed the winning teams and adjourned back to our colleges for some free time before bed. What a great start to the week! ~ by Marie (Supervisor & English Literature graduate from the University of Lancaster)