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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Why choose a summer school in Cambridge, UK - Part 5: The Whale

Hi all! This is post number five in a series on why, when deciding where to go for a summer school, Cambridge in the UK should be at the very top of your list. We’ll talk about the history, location as well as the unmissable activities that will make your experience truly special and that you can’t get anywhere else but this lovely English market town.

Reason 4: The Whale :)

You have to see this with your own eyes. Cambridge is well-known for some of the amazing museum collections that you can find within the historical city and the University Museum of Zoology is certainly worth a visit. Inside it you’ll find numerous collections of fossils, insects and many other of nature’s wonders yet the most prominent item is housed outside of the museum itself – the majestic skeleton of Finback Whale (which is the second largest living whale, in size exceeded only by the Blue Whale). Read more about how a whale might have gotten to Cambridge. Then come see it with your own eyes this summer :). Photo by Ben Harris.