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Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

Program 2: Leader 2017 - Day 5

Today we headed out of cambridge for a fun-filled day at Stratford-Upon Avon and Warwick Castle. Stratford-Upon Avon is famous for being the 16th century birthplace of English playwright William Shakespeare. Possibly the most famous writer in the English language, students enjoyed a tour in the morning, where they saw Shakespeare’s birthplace, home and burial place and followed his footsteps around the town. They learnt lots about Shakespeare, such as he was born on the same day he died (Wednesday 23rd April, yes it’s true!). In fact, the students in supervisor Will’s group bought him a book of Shakespeare facts, challenging the extent Will really knew about Shakespeare…! The students were also able to enjoy some open air Shakespeare going on in the park near the church which was a lot of fun and enjoyed by all.


During the afternoon, students ventured a bit further to visit Warwick Castle. Warwick Castle was built in 1068 (so just a bit older than Reach Cambridge!) by William the Conqueror. Although some students were afraid of the height, some students climbed to the highest tower in the castle, providing an excellent view of the jousting. The jousting show was only rivalled by the ‘Flight of the Eagles show’ where students saw condors, eagles and owls flying high above their heads. Students were taken aback by the troop of morris dancers who marched into the castle, dancing around the Reach supervisors! The highlight was undoubtedly watching supervisor Treasure join in with the Morris dancing.

Upon return to Cambridge, students had some free time to grab some dinner before evening activities begun. Several students practiced their table tennis skills, whilst others refined their creative writing skills through a poetry workshop! For the students who wanted a more relaxing evening, lots of fun was had watching the disney film Moana. Students sang along and had popcorn providing a real, ‘night at the movies’ feel. After a fun and busy day students headed to bed ready to hit the big city of London tomorrow!