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Program 2: Leader 2017 - Day 2

Today marks the second day of our Reach Leader program! Students have all settled in now and we have had a great day of classes, activities and the Reach Photo. Students once again started the day with a hearty breakfast in either Downing College or Trinity Hall before being escorted to their lessons by our (highly visible) orange-shirted supervisors.

Computer Science

Our students had a fantastic morning of lessons. For our Medical Science students, that included learning anatomy by getting gloved up and dissecting sheep heart and lungs! It doesn’t get much more ‘hands-on’ than that. Law students put into practice the negotiating skills they learned in Tuesday’s workshop in a mock business challenge, and Computer Science students got to grips with programming while navigating some mind-boggling mazes. No Reach Cambridge program would be complete without the school-style course photo. Unsurprisingly, we had to wait for the British rain to stop before we could all queue up in height order and step onto the stands. Photos of this photo can also be seen on the Instagram story (meta). Students then had some free time to explore the charming streets of Cambridge and browse the numerous shops and colleges. The World Fair preparation has also begun for the event which will be held tomorrow. This will be a great opportunity for students to prepare stalls and presentations about their home countries. We’re all excited to learn about so many different countries and cultures at Reach! After dinner, everyone gathered to listen to the first evening lecture of the course. The talk was on ‘Leadership and Women’, and was given by two of our brilliant supervisors, Amy and Hannah. It has given every student a lot to think about on their journey to becoming, or working with, the bright women leaders of the future. And then for some fun! The weekly disco took place at Ballare in the middle of town tonight. Here, students from Reach could meet with students from other local summer schools, and join them in busting some funky moves on the dance floor. Pop hits and pop drinks were had in equal measure, and S Club 7’s “Reach for the Stars” is always a firm favourite. Tomorrow will see another packed day of learning in our classes, making new friends, and the exciting presentations in the World Fair!    ~by James and Lily (Supervisors). James is a Medical student at Girton College, Cambridge with a Master’s in Natural Sciences; Lily is a Magdalene College, Cambridge alumna who has just completed her Master’s in Children’s Literature.