Summer 2023 - Apply Now - Places Limited
Summer 2023 - Apply Now - Places Limited
Summer 2023
Apply Now - Places Limited

Your 3-week University Experience

Reach Cambridge summer programs are a great taste of what a university experience in Britain would be like.

During your three weeks in Cambridge you’re not only be fully immersed in the academic side, but Reach also encourages full immersion in College life, helping you maybe prepare for the next big step and showing you how students live at British universities and specifically at Cambridge. You’ll be accommodated in the University’s historic colleges, in student dorms that are used by regular Cambridge students during the academic year. You’ll be exposed not only to your chosen set of classes and your subject, but also to a lecture series taking place in the evenings, much like the talks and sessions that are on offer all around Cambridge term-time and that add to the atmosphere of this lovely university town. In the afternoons you’ll have a choice of organised extra-curricular program (ranging from sports, arts, music or even cooking classes) and community service projects, helping you make the most of your time in Cambridge. We’re confident you’ll have a great time while preparing for university!