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Guest Post: Scholarship Student Augusta Looks Forward to Spring!

#FriendshipFortnightExtended is coming to an end, and now our eyes are drawn to Spring. Sunshine, daffodils… and the exciting advent of Reach Cambridge’s first ever Spring program! We asked our scholarship student, Augusta, to tell us what she was most excited about and what she is expecting from attending the Reach Spring Program in April. Here’s what she had to say: ‘As an avid Agatha Christie fan, by accompanying Hercule Poirot on his adventures, not only did I develop a sharp sense of curiosity (contributing to my desire to become a journalist), but I also caught a glimpse of what the British culture is like. This was enough to make me dream about traveling to England someday. Being awarded the Reach Cambridge scholarship is about to make that dream come true! ‘By taking classes on Politics, I am looking forward to understanding how different government systems work in different countries. Also, I am intrigued by the possibility of sharing my point of view on Brazil’s current political scenario. By getting in touch with different perspectives, I hope to try to understand what would be the best way to overcome the political and economic crisis we are facing right now. Moreover, I am very excited to get to know people from different backgrounds who are also inspired to work as young ‘change-makers’.

Reach Hall, where Augusta will be staying for the Spring Program

‘Outside of the classroom, I aim to explore football’s roots in the country where it was born – even if only by playing with my friends in our free time. Furthermore, to have the chance to live a university experience for two weeks is going to be a watershed moment in my life. I will have the chance to take classes with amazing professors, live in a dorm and discuss a variety of topics with my friends, all at one of the world’s most renowned universities. ‘In summary, I am sure the Reach Cambridge experience will serve as the perfect transition between high school and university for me. I am going to face a reality totally distinct from the one I am used to in Brazil, which is going to take me out of my comfort zone and inspire me to face new challenges. This Spring all the amazing things I have grown up reading about will become real and I cannot wait for that!’