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Our Favourite Student Instagram Posts #FriendshipFortnightExtended

By 15/03/2017 November 28th, 2019 About Reach Cambridge

Our Favourite Student Instagram Posts #FriendshipFortnightExtended

What a delight it has been to collect this collage of testimonies from students around the world! We’ve chosen our Top Five Favourite reposts to share with you here on our blog. You can see more reposts, photos and videos on our Instagram page. #FriendshipFortnightExtended is nearly over, but you’ve still got until and including Monday 20th March (closes at midnight GMT) to apply with a friend and get TRIPLE the usual Refer a Friend discount! For more information, visit this blog post.

1. ‘I made so many friends along with memories I’ll never forget’ – Jeanne (France)

2.  ‘I still talk with all of my friends from Reach and we will stay friends for a long time’ – Chrysanthi (Greece)

3.  ‘Reach Cambridge gave me the opportunity to make friends from all over the world’ – Charlotte (Spain)

4.  ‘My friends and I are closer than ever after our time at Reach Cambridge’ – Stefie (Indonesia)

5.  ‘I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have become friends will some incredible people’ – Ellora (UK)

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Amazing #friendshipfortnight #extended testimony from @ellora.k 💙 'The friendships I made at Reach didn't just stay at Reach. I saw one of my close Reach friends during Christmas break and I still have a group chat growing strong with two others almost a year later! At Reach, you meet the most amazing people from different countries and backgrounds and it's so cool to see this smorgasbord of people come together in one of the greatest universities in the world to learn. I can definitely say that the friendships I made at Reach are forever and I still can't believe how lucky I am to have become friends with some incredible people.' ・・・ //warning: will be long, emotional, and basically free advertisement for Reach// I can honestly say that Reach has been one of the very best experiences of my life. Not only did I stay in an ACTUAL CAMBRIDGE COLLEGE, but that college was in the centre of the uni and backed onto the beautiful river cam. we had so many opportunities presented to us and it was really up to us to put in what we wanted to take out of the program. the excursions were (for the most part) fantastic and educational, and there was not a single dull moment for the entire duration of the three weeks. we got to punt, explore the colleges, and so much more. the supervisors were mostly cambridge students and as a result, were happy to answer all of my gazillion questions about life and academics at cambridge (shoutout to hannah), and the people I met were so international and interesting and oh my goodness I miss you guys so much. basically, it was an amazing experience that I'm definitely going to take home with me. not only have I met some fabulous people, but I'm also more interested in what I want to study and I feel like this trip has opened me up to so many possibilities that I'd never thought to consider ❤️ #reachcambridge2016 #ReachTransformation

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