All our programmes feature the following:

General Information


Our students reside in a Cambridge College and interact with present undergraduates and post-graduates. Teachers are normally researchers, fellows or PhD students from the University and courses take place on campus. Students either share a twin room or have an individual room.

The programme fee includes the following:

  1. Accommodation in twin rooms at a Cambridge University college.
  2. Half board meals (normally Breakfast & Dinner but sometimes Breakfast & Lunch to better complement the programme schedule)
  3. Tuition each morning and afternoon (where applicable)
  4. Excursions at weekends to key sites such as London (twice), Dover, Stratford plus local excursions around Cambridge
  5. Extra-curricular Activities in the College and around Cambridge e.g. sport, drama
  6. Lecture and Workshop series
  7. Theatre trips

The programme fee excludes the following:

  1. Flight
  2. Lunch (students can either visit tea-rooms, cafés and restaurants in Cambridge or eat in the College Dining Hall)
  3. Additional excursions or activities in time off such as the cinema
  4. Souvenirs, phone calls home etc

Note: this is not an exhaustive list of inclusions and exclusions, but indicates the main items.

Evening Lectures

Students invariably say that the DSC_8038evening lecture series is one of the highlights of the course. Students come together every evening to listen to our lecturers speak on subjects that fall under three categories: British Culture, International Social Responsibility and Inspiring Life Stories. Highlights have included lectures on Climate Change, Britain in Music, Community Outreach, Journalism and International Criminal Justice.


As well as daily contact with their Picture1Supervisors, we arrange ‘University Life’ Workshops with Cambridge undergraduates. These range from the practicalities of making a good application to University to coping with the issues students invariably encounter there. Students also have an interview workshops & get the opportunity to submit their CVs and attend an interview with senior staff.


IMG_8464Work hard and play hard. Every spare moment, when students are not in class or at meals, our Cambridge Supervisors organize a plethora of activities. Sporting activities are available, both in the college grounds and in the city centre. These include football, ultimate frisbee, tennis, basketball, volleyball and the Reach Olympics! There are also drama, music and art sessions as well as local excursions within Cambridge and an opportunity to try punting down the River Cam!



IMG_9060Reach Cambridge programmes involve experiencing more than just Cambridge and academic life. Every weekend we run excursions to England’s most famous sites: London, Oxford, Brighton, Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick are a few examples. Students also have the opportunity to go on a theatre trip to see a Shakespeare play at the famous Globe theatre in London or in Stratford-upon-Avon. In addition, there are several local excursions to heritage sites around Cambridge.


IMG_1811There is at least one theatre trip each week during the programme. Students have the opportunity to see Shakespeare in the Globe theatre in London or the RSC in Shakespeare’s birthplace, Straford-upon-Avon. Past productions have included: Othello, Macbeth, Richard III, Anthony & Cleopatra, The Tempest and Romeo & Juliet. In the case of the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival, the plays are performed in the grounds of the Colleges, which offers an exciting environment in which to live.

Local Trips

Local ExcursP1010759ions are run on afternoons. A highlight is visiting the Orchard at Grantchester, famous for the number of well-known writers that have spent time there (see Other highlights include Anglesey Abbey, a National Trust property in the vicinity of Cambridge (see In addition there are visits to the plethora of Colleges, Museums and Faculties in Cambridge city centre.


ReacIMG_9685h Cambridge staff supervise students at all times. Obviously, students are given a certain amount of independence and it is up to them to spend this time wisely. Any actions that are perceived by Reach Cambridge staff to endanger a student will result in the student involved being repatriated. Please see our terms & conditions for further details.

Students have a certain amount of freedom to visit the city at lunchtime and on some evenings. Students are given (a) geographical parameters (b) a deadline for their return to the College (c) instructions that they must remain with at least one other person from the programme at all times when off campus and (d) contact phone numbers for the staff. Curfew every night is at 11pm. Cambridge, being a University town, is a very safe environment.

We issue all students with an emergency contact card that displays all of the relevant telephone numbers. It is compulsory for students leaving the College campus to carry this card.