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Dates: Mon 7th August - Sun 20th August

Ages: 14 - 18

Price: £2995

Physical phenomena dictate everything around us in our daily lives, and studying them is therefore an incredibly eye-opening and fascinating experience. Having produced the likes of Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking, there’s no better place to study Physics than at Cambridge.

The Reach Cambridge Physics course introduces students to a range of subjects taught by scientists at the cutting edge of Physics research, such as nuclear physics, particle physics, astrophysics and relativity. Students are also taught the mathematical basis for many of these exciting topics to help familiarise them with the basic logical principles at work.

The course is taught through a mixture of lectures, discussions, practicals and problem-solving tasks, with a strong emphasis on developing students’ skills in the subject as well as increasing their knowledge. Sessions also involve tutors discussing the latest developments in Physics, as well as their involvement and personal experiences researching it.

Highlights include a visit to the Science Museum in London, a trip to the Engineering Department in Cambridge, and a rocket launch practical. A focus on understanding the underlying physics as well as practical applications in the everyday world will be emphasised throughout the course.

All Reach Cambridge courses are open to students aged between 14-18 years old.

All courses are taught in English. In order to get the most out of the learning experience, students are advised to have a level of English conducive to understanding sophisticated academic language and to converse with other students and staff in English at all times.

We do offer English as Second Language courses if you, or we, feel that this is more appropriate. Your personal statement will help indicate to us your level of English. We will also ask for a copy of your latest school transcript to help us assess the teaching level of the courses.

It gave us a flavour of quite a few different fields in only a single branch of science.

Yaashree, Physics Student, 2015

The teachers were epic… The best part was that they are currently researching and working on the topics they taught us. They are at the cutting edge of the topics they taught to us and they imparted some of their knowledge to us.

Siddhant, Physics Student, 2015

I was introduced to several specifics under the field of Engineering and I now understand a lot more in terms of subject choices and what I can excel in

Timothy, Physics & Engineering Student, 2014

Each lecture taught me a term’s worth of learning in my school

Nicholas, Physics & Engineering Student, 2014

This course was an incredible experience for me and the class. I had the chance of learning lots of things and this course proved my interest in Physics and confirmed my wish to study it in college

Jean, Physics & Engineering Student, 2014

A typical Scholar Program Subject Class Day

Time Activity
8am Breakfast – in College Dining Hall
9am Subject classes
1pm Lunch – plenty of time to explore Cambridge
2.30pm – 4.30pm Afternoon Subject classes
6pm Dinner – in College Dining Hall
7pm Evening lecture
8pm Evening activities
11pm Curfew – an hour on your corridor before lights out

A typical Scholar Program Excursion Day

Time Activity
8am Breakfast – in College Dining Hall
9am Full Day Excursion

Previous excursions have included:

London, Brighton, Oxford, Theatre trips, Stratford-upon-Avon & Warwick Castle

6pm Dinner – own arrangements
8pm Evening activities
11pm Curfew – an hour on your corridor before lights out

Please note, these are meant as a rough guide only and are subject to change.

Want to make your trip even more special? Why not choose one of our exciting Add-Ons?

Please note, there is a limit of 2 Add-Ons per Program (excluding Single Room Guarantee, which can be added as a third where available). Click on the relevant item for more details:

Community Outreach (£150)

Reach Cambridge is proud of its excellent links with UK based charities. Through this exciting add-on you could earn 10 community outreach hours, learn valuable skills in teamwork and project management, and take part in a project that really makes a difference. In 2014 Reach Cambridge worked with SABRE, a charity that helps build schools for children in rural Ghana. Community outreach students organised some excellent events and we raised over £2400 for the charity! This add-on takes place outside of class time across the course.

University Advance (£250)

One reason why you might join us in Cambridge is an interest in applying to university in one of the cities we visit. The university advance add-on will involve one day trip, either to the colleges of Oxford or to London universities (for example University College London, Imperial College, and the London School of Economics). Reach Cambridge will organise an accompanied tour of the university buildings and facilities, giving you the opportunity to explore your prospective campuses! Please note that this add-on will require you to miss one full day of classes.

Single Room Guarantee (£395)

Typically, students on Reach Cambridge share a room with someone of the same gender and a similar age. Whilst many find this to be a great way to make a lifelong friend, we understand that some people enjoy their personal space after a long day of exciting classes and activities. As such, we offer the single room upgrade, which guarantees that you will have your own private room.

Price: £2995

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