Apply by Monday 11th December and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250
Apply by 11th Dec and Save £250

How to Apply?

Applications are made online at The process is straightforward:
  1. Complete a simple application form.
  2. Payment of the deposit confirms your enrolment.
  3. All Reach students should also submit a personal statement through their online account and this should be received within 30 days of the date of application.
The Personal Statement, written by the student, should be between 500-1000 words and should state why the student wishes to attend Reach Cambridge. At least one paragraph should be dedicated to their chosen academic course as well as their academic background and aspirations for the future. This is to ensure that our tutors can tailor the academic experience appropriately. To these ends, a school transcript and/or English language test may be requested in due course and we will contact you in writing if this is the case. Please complete the Personal Statement on your online account.