Friday 5th August 2016

Afternoon Activities:

Corridor Meals

  • 12PM-2PM
  • For all Students who live in Downing
  • Speak to your supervisor if you don’t know where to go!

King’s College Chapel Roof Tour

  • For those who successfully bid on the item in the auction last night
  • Payment must be arranged before the tour is undertaken
  • Meet straight after classes, at Downing Porters’ Lodge for those who have classes in Downing. At TH Porters Lodge for those who have classes in TH.
  • Parental consent must have been sent to before you can go!

Trinity Hall Lunch:

  • Students who live in Trinity Hall will have lunch provided for them, in the Dining hall, from 12:30
  • This is instead of having dinner in hall tonight.

Afternoon Classes:

  • Classes as normal from 2PM-4:30PM

World Fair Preparation

  • 16:30-17:30
  • Trinity Hall Terrace Room
  • Art supplies provided.
  • Bring your own laptops to create PowerPoint presentations!
  • Sign up on the office doors!


  • Dinner 17:30-18:00 in Downing
  • Trinity Hall Corridor Dinners
  • Corridor Dinner for Students who live in TH:
  • Peter’s Corridor meet at 16:45
  • Hannah’s Corridor meet at 17:00
  • Jamie’s Corridor meet at 17:00


  • This evening’s lecture will be on Evolution – at 7PM. Compulsory for all 3 Week Global Leader’s Students, School Teachers will be able to tell their groups if they’re coming or not!
  • Taking place at the Trinity Hall Lecture Theatre
  • Students need to make their own way there, to be ready for a 7PM start.


World Fair:

  • Straight after the Lecture, 8PM, Trinity Hall Lecture Theatre
  • Attendance Compulsory for 3 weeks Global Leadership Students
  • If you are presenting, you must send your powerpoint to us in advance, and it can be no more than 5 minutes or 7 slides long
  • The second part of the world fair is a collection of stalls in the Terrace Room for each country.
  • If you need a stall, please let us know, and if you bring any food, please bring allergens information.


  • Sign up for the World Fair at the offices!
  • The Reach Photo is now available to be viewed in the offices, and orders can be made with your supervisor or school rep!

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