Spring Program (Week 2) - Psychology

Dates: Sun 7th April - Sat 13th April

Ages: 14 - 18

Price: £1450£1250 - apply before 15th December

Psychology examines the mind, behaviour and experience, through both scientific research and conceptual theorising. From Freudian psychoanalysis to the latest advances in brain-scanning, Psychology addresses the question of what it is to be human through a focus on the way we think and act. Requiring both rigorous scientific method and profoundly open thought, no other subject addresses both the Sciences and the Humanities in quite the same way.

Our Psychology course aims to provide students with a broad and engaging introduction to the many different areas of the discipline that can be pursued at university level. From the workings of cognition to the ethics and methodology of psychological research, it will leave students with a firm understanding of the many varied strands which make up this heterogeneous subject.

Whether delving into the nature of memory or examining the mainsprings of obedience and authority, students will be invited to consider the fundamental questions of Psychology and encouraged to contribute their own opinions to discussion. The course will touch upon a wide range of research areas such as cognitive psychology, behaviourism, social psychology, neuroscience, bio-psychology, psychopathology and developmental psychology.

If you have ever wondered how the brain works, how society influences the individual, why people obey others, how the mind develops through childhood, or what constitutes personality, this is the course for you. If you are driven to study Psychology at University or if you just have real curiosity for questions such as these, the Reach Cambridge Psychology course will provide an ideal academic experience.

The course taught me a lot about not only the subject of my interest but also how to think critically as a learner.

Student, Psychology, 2017

I enjoyed the discussions and the overall learning environment of the course.

Student, Psychology, 2017

I’m keen on learning more in the future because of all the exciting concepts we learned.

Student, Psychology, 2017

Now I feel like an academic.

Student, Psychology, 2017

I’ve learned so much more than I could ever imagine in this course. It’s also pretty much solidified my choices for university.

Misty, Psychology, 2017

Price: £1450

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