Spring Program (Week 4) - Politics & International Relations

Dates: Tue 21st April - Mon 27th April

Ages: 14 - 18

Price: £1450£1050 - apply before 28th October

Studying Politics and International Relations means addressing interminable human problems to do with power, community, identity and government. The questions of who should hold power, how this power should be exercised, and how it can be legitimate go back to the very beginnings of human interaction. To examine them requires careful, disciplined thought as well as an open mind.

The Reach Cambridge Politics and International Relations course provides students with a fascinating introduction to both political ideas and the workings of existent national and international political structures. Whether keen on Communism, passionate about Parliament or intrigued by the EU, students will have the opportunity to discuss and debate the fundamental questions of political life.

Covering a broad range of topics within the disciplines, the course will examine key political thinkers such as Mill, Hobbes and Marx, before exploring how their ideas can be applied to both societal and global affairs. In an increasingly interconnected world, the study of international relations has never been so important: this course will give students deep insight into the forces and constraints which influence nation-states within the international state system.

Addressing both abstract concepts and the nitty-gritty of practical political life, the course will range from exploring the nature of justice to investigating the structure of the United Nations.

Whether driven to enter politics as a profession, interested in the subject at University, or just intrigued by political questions, this course will provide students with an enormously enriched understanding of national and international politics.

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