Spring Program (Week 2) - Physics & Engineering

Dates: Sun 5th April - Sat 11th April

Ages: 14 - 18

Price: £1450£1100 - apply before 28th October

Physical phenomena dictate everything around us in our daily lives, and studying them is therefore an incredibly eye-opening and fascinating experience. Having produced the likes of Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking, there’s no better place to study Physics than at Cambridge.

The Reach Cambridge Physics course introduces students to a range of subjects taught by scientists at the cutting edge of Physics research, such as nuclear physics, particle physics, astrophysics and relativity. Students are also taught the mathematical basis for many of these exciting topics to help familiarise them with the basic logical principles at work.

The course is taught through a mixture of lectures, discussions, practicals and problem-solving tasks, with a strong emphasis on developing students’ skills in the subject as well as increasing their knowledge. Sessions also involve tutors discussing the latest developments in Physics, as well as their involvement and personal experiences researching it.

Highlights include a visit to the Science Museum in London, a trip to the Engineering Department in Cambridge, and a rocket launch practical. A focus on understanding the underlying physics as well as practical applications in the everyday world will be emphasised throughout the course.

In order to prepare students for their chosen course of study the first week of the program consists of tuition in a range of scientific disciplines, alongside intensive workshops on University applications and leadership skills.

Hear from our past students:

Reach Cambridge changed my life. It is not simply an academic course that makes you more confident and ready for college, but also makes you feel part of a wide network of passionate and fascinating students.

Student, Physics & Engineering, 2017

I will never forget all the cultures and diversity I have witnessed at this camp, let alone the trips and classes I have experienced.

Jake, Physics & Engineering, 2017

I am now looking forward to studying something similar in uni.

Student, Physics & Engineering, 2017

I found the subjects really interesting and challenging at the same time.

Student, Physics & Engineering, 2017

I learned something new every day.

Student, Physics & Engineering, 2017

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