Spring Program (Week 4) - Business Management & Economics

Dates: Tue 21st April - Mon 27th April

Ages: 14 - 18

Price: £1450£1050 - apply before 28th October

Anybody wishing to tackle the important questions of the modern world has to consider economics. Political, social and even religious issues can all be illuminated through the study of this most consequential discipline. By studying economics in Cambridge you will be following in the footsteps of Malthus, Keynes, Sen & Stiglitz – to name just a few.

The Reach Cambridge economics program aims to provide a broad introduction to the subject, perfect for those interested in studying it at University, or just those who are curious about the modern economic world. Topics covered in the course include development, globalisation, the place of the firm in the economy, inequality and macroeconomic management. In addition, students will be introduced to political economy – the intersections of power and economics.

Academic economics is today dominated by one school of thought, generally termed ‘neoclassical’, but the Reach Cambridge economics course is designed to allow students to make their own judgements about the most appropriate approaches to economic problems. Whilst providing a firm grounding in neoclassical economics, the program also allows students to compare this perspective with alternative, heterodox approaches. Students are thus left not only understanding a lot more about the economic forces and systems which operate in the modern world, but also knowing more about the different perspectives within economics as an academic discipline.

This challenging course will offer students a stimulating flavour of the nature of economics at university level and will encourage students to think imaginatively about the real life applications of this important subject.

In order to prepare students for their chosen course of study the first week of the program consists of tuition in a range of Humanities disciplines, alongside intensive workshops on University applications and leadership skills.

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