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The Director of Curriculum’s Top Ten Tips for Essay Writing

As told by Genny, our Director of Curriculum! Writing is hard. Writing well is even harder. Every writer, no matter their age or experience, has room to improve. So, without...
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3 Ways to Choose a Subject

Choosing an academic subject to study can be a difficult or daunting task, not only for a Reach Cambridge program, but also for life in general. Whether it’s a subject you want to continue in school, a subject you want to explore at University, or one that you want to pursue as a career, there are a lot of things to consider before making a decision. We at Reach have tried to come up with a (hopefully!) helpful list of things to think about when making decisions about your next academic steps.
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Studying English as a Second Language

Genny, our Director of Curriculum, Reflects on Learning English as a Second, or Additional, Language Want to improve your English? Hoping to one day study abroad? There are many reasons...
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Summer 2019: Program 3 – Day 13

It is the last day of the Program 3 and we are sad that the summer is drawing to a close. But the students have been enjoying another day of learning and we are ending on a high note. We hope that lots of new friends have been made, fun activities have been enjoyed, and…
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Summer 2019: Program 3 – Day 10

Today we returned to our regular routine of morning lessons having had a treat of a lie-in yesterday. As per usual, the students had a wonderful time learning new things in class and were teeming with enthusiasm about their new knowledge. The students then dispersed after class for lunch and a chance to explore the city…
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Summer 2019: Program 3 – Day 6

Friday means the final day of classes for week one, ahead a big weekend of excursions. As usual, the schedule was full of interesting classes, with a particular highlight being the dissection of a sheep lung for the Medicine class. This gave the students a chance to get a hands-on look at the anatomy and…
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Summer 2019: Program 3 – Day 4

Reach Cambridge 2019 continues in full swing Day Four at Reach began with another delicious breakfast at Westminster College, setting us up for another activity-packed day to follow. The students then headed off to their morning classes, with Engineering students working on designing strong structures and Biotechnology focusing on the functions of the pancreas. Medicine…
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Summer 2019: Program 3 – Day 3

Day 3 and the energy continues to rise!  After indulging in a good hearty breakfast in Westminster and Downing College, the students set off to their respective lessons which they were all eager to get to. The Biotechnology students had an intense session extracting DNA from strawberries, while the Psychology students learnt about behavioural and…
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Summer 2019: Program 3 – Day 1

The new students have arrived! This afternoon we had our final group of 2019 students descend on Cambridge from all corners of the world. They joined the seven students who have remained with us from program 2, who were eager to help the new students get acquainted with the historic city! We look forward to…
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Summer 2019: Program 2 – Day 8

Following a busy and exciting weekend spent visiting London, Stratford-upon-Avon, and Warwick Castle, most of our students were greeted by the pleasant surprise of a very well-deserved lie-in! Classes did not begin until 1pm, in order to allow everyone to recharge their batteries before starting off another busy week of the program. However, some students…
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