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Dates: Sun 2nd July - Sat 22nd July

Ages: 14 - 18

Price: £4595

There is no place better to improve your English language skills than in the surroundings of Cambridge. Having produced innumerable authors and poets, and gained fame worldwide as a centre of culture and learning, it provides the perfect setting for English language study.

The Reach Cambridge English as a Second Language (ESL) and leadership program is designed for those who do not have English as their mother tongue. The course offers tailored support to ambitious young people seeking to develop their English and equip themselves with skills for university and beyond. The English tuition is offered in small groups and is taught by experienced TEFL-qualified teachers using the latest methodology. Students have four hours of structured teaching every weekday in July and five and a half hours in August, but, uniquely, the grounding in English does not end there.

The setting in Cambridge and the close interaction with other students on the Reach program means that the courses offer total immersion and opportunities to make lasting friendships with English-speakers from across the world. In addition to in-depth sessions of ESL tuition the course involves a leadership module designed to help students develop confidence and the skills for success in the wider world of academia and employment. This leadership module includes important topics such as successful team-working, goal-setting and academic skills such as essay writing and writing styles.

I really improved my speaking skills, and staying in Cambridge for three weeks also helped me to understand English better.

Estelle, English as a Second Language Student, 2016

Reach Cambridge has taught me more than I could have imagined.

Ralf, English as a Second Language Student, 2016

The small class size meant the course was like an ongoing conversation.

Ralf, English as a Second Language Student, 2016

I would like to stay here for a longer time than 3 weeks, to learn a lot more!

English as a Second Language Student, 2014

I learned a lot of new vocabulary and also how to write personal statement, which was really helpful

English as a Second Language Student, 2014

A typical Explorer Program Subject Class Day

Time Activity
8am Breakfast – in College Dining Hall
9am Subject classes
1pm Lunch – plenty of time to explore Cambridge
2.30pm Afternoon activities
6pm Dinner – in College Dining Hall
7pm Evening lecture
8pm Evening activities
11pm Curfew – an hour on your corridor before lights out

A typical Explorer Program Excursion Day

Time Activity
8am Breakfast – in College Dining Hall
9am Full Day Excursion

Previous excursions have included:

London, Brighton, Oxford, Theatre trips, Stratford-upon-Avon & Warwick Castle

6pm Dinner – own arrangements
8pm Evening activities
11pm Curfew – an hour on your corridor before lights out

Please note, these are meant as a rough guide only and are subject to change.

Want to make your trip even more special? Why not choose one of our exciting Add-Ons?

Please note, there is a limit of 2 Add-Ons per Program (excluding Single Room Guarantee, which can be added as a third where available). Click on the relevant item for more details:

Community Outreach (£150)

Reach Cambridge is proud of its excellent links with UK based charities. Through this exciting add-on you could earn 10 community outreach hours, learn valuable skills in teamwork and project management, and take part in a project that really makes a difference. In 2014 Reach Cambridge worked with SABRE, a charity that helps build schools for children in rural Ghana. Community outreach students organised some excellent events and we raised over £2400 for the charity! This add-on takes place outside of class time across the course.

Creative Writing (£395)

During the Creative Writing Add-On, students will learn a range of strategies that can help them develop as a writer. With activities designed to spark creativity and exercises aimed at advancing composition skills, this Add-On will help students to explore their full creative potential. Whether interested in writing fiction, poetry or articles, this short, intensive course is a perfect addition to any one of our summer programs.

Introduction to Architecture (£395)

There is no place better to be introduced to architecture than in the grand, historic surroundings of Cambridge and its 800 year old university.

Everything in the built environment contains architectural ideas and design: from doorways to skyscrapers. This course will provide a fascinating introduction to the way that architects think and design, as well as providing students with greater insight into what makes Cambridge’s most iconic buildings such stunning examples of fine architecture. This short course touches upon both the creative, expressive side, and precise, technical side of architecture. It will also get students thinking about the profound influence that space plays in shaping human thought, emotion and action.

Students will get the chance to create their own basic designs and will find out more about the different career opportunities in architecture.

This add-on will take place outside of normal class time, and will combine lectures with hands-on activities.

University Advance (£250)

One reason why you might join us in Cambridge is an interest in applying to university in one of the cities we visit. The university advance add-on will involve one day trip, either to the colleges of Oxford or to London universities (for example University College London, Imperial College, and the London School of Economics). Reach Cambridge will organise an accompanied tour of the university buildings and facilities, giving you the opportunity to explore your prospective campuses! Please note that this add-on will require you to miss one full day of classes.

Young Leaders Program (£395)

The young leaders add-on covers all of the life skills that are essential at university and beyond. In 6 hours spread over several afternoons, the young leaders program covers topics such as leadership skills, presentation skills, academic writing skills and university learning strategies. Taught by specialists in the field, the young leaders add-on is for many students a highlight of their Reach Cambridge experience.

Single Room Guarantee (£395)

Typically, students on Reach Cambridge share a room with someone of the same gender and a similar age. Whilst many find this to be a great way to make a lifelong friend, we understand that some people enjoy their personal space after a long day of exciting classes and activities. As such, we offer the single room upgrade, which guarantees that you will have your own private room.

Price: £4595

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